Restricted Use of Web Site

The use of this web site is restricted to registered distributors ("Authorized Users") of Keepromo Products, Inc. If you are not a registered distributor, you may not use this site. Keepromo all rights and remedies it may have at law and equity against persons using this site who are not Authorized Users.

Privacy Policy

Keepromo collects, retains, and uses information about visitors to this site only for specific business purposes, including to protect and administer distributor records and accounts; to comply with certain laws and regulations; to help design or improve Keepromo's products and services; and to understand distributors' needs so that we can provide them with high-quality products and service.

If Keepromo believes it has a legitimate business reason for sharing identification and other personal information with a third party, such as to offer you certain discounts, products or services, it may share such information with third parties. Keepromo may also disclose information about its distributors to third parties as required or permitted by applicable law.

In addition, we may also use standard software to collect non-identifying information about visitors to our web site, such as:

  • Date and time our site was accessed;
  • IP address (a numeric address given to servers connected to the Internet);
  • Web browser used.